PNP Design was founded in 2016 as a project of Peter Nielsen & Partners Law Office sp.k., having above all start-ups and creative industry in mind.

Our team consists of experienced lawyers who accompany their clients at every step of their business activity, acting as trusted advisers. We combine our professional skills, expertise and experience to offer you tailor-made solutions. Our clients’ satisfaction is our top priority.

We design practical solutions in the area of law and business, we provide trainings, help and advice to bring your ideas to life. We have the ability and the motivation to assist you in your professional projects.

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I am really one of the kind. Not only can I distinguish between “ownership” and “possession”, but also know the difference between “kilowatt” and “kilowatt hour”. All owing to the fact that for the past ten years I have been working as a legal and business advisor for clients from the energy industry. I work mostly for foreign clients and that is how I learnt that supporting clients also means helping with negotiations, making new business connections and raising capital.

I am interested in new technologies that legal regulations cannot keep up with. Today they include drones, augmented reality and energy storage technologies - tomorrow there will be other new phenomena which I will fascinate me, also as a lawyer.

Motto: “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” - Steve Jobs

I am interested in all modern technologies and ventures, provided that they make life healthier, longer and happier not only for us, people, but also for the nature. I do not want good ideas to fall through because of the ignorance of the law. Also, I do not want the profits from innovation to bypass originators who, owing to these profits, could contribute to sustainable development and progress.

I am glad that as a lawyer I have the opportunity to support great initiatives concerning negotiations, business, as well as administrative and tax-related connections, and implementation of business ventures. I also take part in transforming student projects into modern companies.

Motto: “ Motto: „I am in the process of positive change. I am continually growing and learning and I create my future in every moment. My life is exciting and full of limitless potential.” - Louise L. Hay

I am a new technologies addict – half of the flat filled with gadgets. On average, once a week, I wonder how else I could make my life easier. I dream of the world in which machines will work, so that people could live the life of pleasures.

Unfortunately, I am aware of the fact that technological development is a result of hard work. As an attorney-at-law, I try to make my contribution by supporting creative entrepreneurs in the scope of economic law. I am also a member of the working party concerning the Internet of Things at the Ministry of Administration and Digitization.

Motto: “What you are going to do tomorrow, do the day after tomorrow. You will have two days off.” - from a sticker of Chio chips.

Except for issues relating to commercial law, I support my clients in matters relating to protection of personal data, including trade secrets and cyber-security. In my work I like to take advantage of technological and legal novelties (setting up companies via the Internet, on-line trainings, etc.)

In my life I am committed to the principle: “believe in your abilities and adjust them to you plans”, which means that you should set yourself ambitious goals and then you will always find a way to achieve them!

Motto: „Cut your coat according to your cloth, not according to your size.” - Adam Mickiewicz
As a legal advisor I deal with commercial law, in particular civil and corporate law. I represent clients in court and support them in everyday issues related to their business activities.

I am a businessman myself, so I am well aware of the difficulties that beginning entrepreneurs have to face to make their plans come true. If this sounds familiar, feel free to contact me and together we will find the best solution.

Motto: „It’s not enough to obtain knowledge, you must use it, too” - Cicero
I am a lawyer, but I am also a businessman. This allows me to look at my clients’ problems from a broader perspective, covering both legal and business issues. My areas of expertise include corporate law, civil law, bankruptcy and reorganization law, real property trade and housing communities.

I conduct trainings and lectures for companies. I am not afraid to blaze new trails and take up challenges and atypical legal projects. Contact me to find out how I can assist you.

Motto: „Imagination is more important than knowledge, for knowledge is limited.” - Albert Einstein




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The assistance within PNP Design Smart Start is free of charge. We cooperate with clients who have many good ideas, but because of the lack of financial means they are not able to implement them. With smaller or greater financial support these ideas have a real chance of success. We understand that the beginning of each business involves considerable costs.
Persons benefiting from SMART START have an opportunity to receive legal information regarding their business activity. This information may concern in particular: establishment of business activity, selection of the most favorable legal form of business, taxation of services and sales of goods, protection of brand and works, company secrets, protection against unfair competition, provision of services by electronic means, and many others that will respond to the needs of people benefiting from the project. SMART START is our idea to reduce the costs of opening a business activity and an attempt to help the already existing entrepreneurships.
Information about a business idea, and the other information economically relevant for your business activity will be subject to legal protection, as is in the case of chargeable legal assistance in the law office.
In order to assure the highest level of security, it is also possible to conclude a separate non-disclosure agreement. Concluding the agreement depends on you. However, even if a separate agreement is not concluded, all data are protected under the law.
The sent questions will be answered by the lawyers from Peter Nielsen & Partners Law Office sp.k. The law office has been operating in the Polish market since 1990. We have experience in working both with Polish and foreign entrepreneurs. Our services fall within a scope of a broadly understood business operation. You can find more information about our Legal Office at www.pnplaw.pl.
We will try to answer each question as soon as possible. We are not able to say how long it will take us to analyze the legal case indicated in the question. The questions will be examined in the order of their receipt.
One report may include only one question. However, additional questions regarding the main topic will be also taken into consideration. Please be advised that you can send several forms with different questions.
The lawyer dealing with the answer to your question will first contract you via e-mail. However, if the question turns out to be more complicated and will require specific explanations, then the lawyer will contact you by phone. Remember that if a phone conversation is a more convenient form of contact for you, you can always propose it to the lawyer. Meetings will be organized only in exceptional situations. The decision on arranging the meeting belongs to the lawyer answering the question
Only the assistance regarding answering the questions indicated in the application is free of charge. Any other services are chargeable. If you need our assistance with regard to legal representation, substitution before administrative authorities or to any other legal matter, please contact Peter Nielsen & Partners Law Office sp.k. We hope that we will manage to negotiate terms of cooperation satisfying for both parties.
After sending the form, you will receive an automatically generated message confirming the delivery.
If a lawyer from our legal office has been already in contact with you, you may turn to them for help. If you are not in touch with any lawyer from our legal office, you may send an e-mail to office@pnplaw.pl Your service falls within the scope of PNP Design? Add “PNP Design” to the mail subject. Thanks to this, the message will be sent directly to our team.




PNP Design dedicates its services mostly to start-ups, enterprises from the e-commerce industry, new technologies, and to the creative industry. These sectors require special attention, which often exceeds the framework of standard legal assistance. This proved to be the decisive factor behind founding PNP Design, whereby we aim to meet our clients’ needs by using the knowledge and experience we have to design the most practical and optimal solutions.

You will find more information about our services below. Feel free to contact us also directly.




Are you a beginning entrepreneur, inventor, initiator? Are you developing a start-up project? We know how to make your first steps in business easier, how to structure your activity and secure your rights.

And that is not all – we want to help you develop your project on each stage, prepare you for appointments with corporations and potential investors, and support you during negotiations and transactions.

We will give you professional support and prove that the law does not have to be so complicated and isolated from the business world.


Online shops have become a convenient alternative not only to people who want to save time, or avoid big crowds. Online sales has been evolving dynamically and it has already been a while since it has become a separate branch from stationary sales – a branch which requires professional service providing security to the owners and customers of the shop.

We are happy to take advantage of online shopping ourselves, but more importantly we also know what to take into consideration when you have decided to enter the e-commerce industry and how to help you meet all legal requirements.


If you create - whether you design , program, paint, write, play, or photograph, this site is for you. Our team is just as creative as your work! Our passion for beautiful things is complemented by our thorough knowledge of the unique nature of the broadly defined creative industry. We know what every creator should beware and how to secure the rights to a given work/piece of art.

If you are not the creator but rather a user of somebody else’s works, we can tell you how to use such intangible assets legally, without breaching the author’s copyrights.

We can also advise you on matters relating to conducting and developing your business activity.


For our team, new technologies are not only a challenge (and we love challenges!) but also a passion and part of everyday life. We have a vast experience in providing legal assistance to clients operating in the market of new technologies. We are also active in scientific expert circles. What makes us special is not only the knowledge of processes, nomenclature or business environment, but also our creativity, which is of utmost importance in projects of this kind.

We will take care of legal security of your innovative project/service at each stage of the undertaking. We can advise you on matters relating to industrial property and help you develop and commercialize your project.


As you might expect from lawyers, we are fond of talking and discussing – but only about the topics of your own choice. We offer you professional, content-oriented and, at the same time, very practical trainings tailored to your needs. Our offer is addressed to all entities – schools, universities, private enterprises of all sizes, freelancers, associations, foundations and others.

What makes us the best contents partner for you? Because we combine 26 years of experience gained by our specialists in the field of law and business, expertise in tax and accounting, creativity and the ability to present complex issues in a clear and apprehensive manner. We want to pass the knowledge to you, whether in practical workshops or preparatory meetings.






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